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FITBIZ – AIOps Operations

Our AIOps can enhance a broad range of IT operations processes and tasks, including performance analysis, anomaly detection, Data Analytics, Object tracking, Voice Recognitions, event correlation and analysis, IT service management and automation.

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Welcome to FITBIZ – AIOps

FITBIZ AIOps platforms add important capabilities beyond what a monitoring tool with embedded AIOps can provide. The AIOps platforms free from the implied lock-in to a static data model expressed in monitoring tools is able to capture the patterns, anomalies and causal structures in the data itself. Monitoring tools may miss these features in the data as they force it into their predetermined models.

Data Streams to FIT – AIOps Platforms

We offer comprehensive solutions to integrate Different Data Stream into AIOps platforms using
Data Ingestion and Handling turned into Analytical Outcomes

Data Analytics

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting at SMX London on Supercharging your SEO with AI and thought I would share some of the insights with Search Engine Land readers.


Google made global headlines with the demonstration of its new Duplex at this year’s I/O developers conference. This artificial intelligence (AI) system can “converse” in natural language with people to schedule an appointment at a hair salon or book a table at a restaurant, for example.

Object Tracking

At Pathfinder & Strategic Planning, we believe that the best approach for managing and growing a strong business is to start with a clearly defined vision of your ideal business, and then develop and implement a strategic plan to achieve it. Through our carefully designed programs, services as well as the tools and resources of Pathfinder & Strategic Planning, our clients know they have found a partner for their success.

Voice Recognitions

First, we help you define your vision for what is ideal for you. Then we analyze your business and develop the plan and strategies to implement and support you to the finish line. We do not believe in getting caught up in what’s “hot” or what’s “working now.” Rather, we partner with you to define YOUR ideal business and then guide you to achieve your client-focused practice or advisor-focused business.

How We Do It

AIOps by adopting an incremental approach that starts with historical data, and progress to the use of streaming data, aligned with a continuously improving IT operations maturity.

Data Platforms that enable comprehensive insight into past and present states of IT systems by identifying AIOps platforms that are capable of ingesting and providing access to text and metric data.

Deepening IT operations with the ability to incrementally deploy the core business areas: descriptive, diagnostic, proactive capabilities and root cause analysis to help avoid high-severity outages.

Recent Case Study

We deployed a pattern detection algorithm to improve the customer relationship process by detecting the patterns of behavior customers expressed in digital experience monitoring data. We used the machine learning algorithms in AIOps to perceive the patterns that relate user navigation with:


  Digital experience data from APM

  Order data pulled from payloads in business transactions

  Sentiment data from social media

  Service desk requests and statuses

  Account activity from the CRM system

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